Benvenuto al Test valutazione UC English

Questo test ti permette di valutare il tuo livello di inglese.

Elisabeth _____ from London
________ there a restaurant near here?
I didn’t _____ TV last night.
____ to go out to an Indian restaurant tonight?
Hi, I’m Italian. ______ you from?
Do you want to ______ for a coffee?
Look! The taxi _____.
I’ve never ____ to France
Did you ____ anything fun last weekend?
What is the superlative of good?
I couldn’t speak English when I was a child, but ____ now.
Look at the time! We’re be ____ late!
If I could fly, I ____ need a car.
He doesn’t work here now, ____?
She runs ____
I normally ____ at seven o’clock in the morning.
This cheese ____ in France.
This time next week, ____ in Rome.
My grandmother ____ have brown hair but now it’s grey.
The book ____ you gave me for Christmas is really interesting.
If I finish my homework, ____ I go to the park?
Sorry, ____ late tomorrow, I’m afraid.
At the end of this week, I’ll ____ here for three months.
He wouldn’t still be sick if he ____ the medicine.
When he was a child, he ____ eat fruit.
Is it true that ____ the highest mountain in Italy?
An architect is a person ____ designs buildings.
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